Monday, May 27, 2013

My X-Man is back!

He finally seems to have overcome the sickness of the ages and is back to his typical cheery self. There’s lots of cheery chatting from him. Which tends to begin with him yelling “GUYS! GUYS!” He expects an answer from each and every member of the family and continues to yell until the whole floor recognizes him.

He has developed some bad habits however, during his illness. He still collapses on the floor wailing, but that’s mostly when he’s told that he can’t pick his nose. That’s become a new favorite pastime of his. I blame the father figure, who was working with him on the all the names of the facial features. X-Man is a particular fan of noses. Mac observed X-Man shoving his finger up his nose and mentioned “Oh, I think he learned that from me.” “WHAT! Why would you teach him that?” “I mean, I think he figured that out by himself.”

The father figure is also concerned that X-Man is just a bit OCD. Mostly due to his new habit of rubbing his binky on his cheek before inserting it in his mouth.  And sometimes, if things are particularly rough or painful or just boring, X-Man will pull it out of his mouth, do a quick rub by and reinsert. I’m at peace with the whole process as long as it stays away from the nose.

As  X-Man continues along his path of sweetness, he’s spending more time with Gestated Cinco. He still calls his sister “nice nice” and that is certainly how he treats her. For the most part. I have caught him trying to lick her feet. And I have no explanation for that. Gestated hasn’t actually seemed to notice. And I’m sitting here wondering how many more times I’ll have to yell “Don’t lick the baby’s feet!”

At least they keep it new and interesting. 

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