Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Never sign your children up for a sports camp. Especially if said sports camp commences at 8am.  And you know you live 40 minutes away. If you never sign your children up for a sports camp that commences at 8am, 40 minutes from where you live, you won’t ever have to deal with learning that it indeed actually takes place an hour from you, having been moved due to soggy field conditions.
Consider this your PSA of the week.

Baby was not happy to be participating in a speed and agility training camp. That is until she actually went, posted the fastest time in all five trials and then decided to not complain about the camp but rather complain that the camp was done for the day.  There is no winning with her. 

My master plan for potty training involved psychological warfare. I purchase the cheapest diapers I can find simply to make the child training as uncomfortable as possible. It is working.  Sort of. Mostly during nap time. X-Man is not a fan of cheap diapers and removes them. However he’s not convinced of the need to make it to the potty. Just not have the cheap diapers touch his loins. He is peeing occasionally in the potty. He sits on it while watching a movie. He might wonder, in future years, why, when he hears the theme to Wreck-It Ralph, is he overcome with the desire to use the facilities. 

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