Thursday, June 20, 2013

I like new experiences. Like falling asleep in the dentist chair, while they worked on a Detroitesque—both in size and scope—cavity. Better yet, I like making my way to the waiting room where Baby, Mac and Cinco were waiting, only to hear the receptionist ask “Are those kids still there? They’re so quiet!” Baby was holding Cinco, because she had just had a dirty diaper and Baby didn’t want Cinco to have to sit in it. ~melt~
Mac was reading Tintin. Truly reading it. So the cockles, whatever those are, in my heart were very warmed.
Baba was at camp and had to organize twenty girls, her age, and have them do a play. They wouldn’t listen to her. She asked me indignantly “Do you know how hard it is to get anything done when no one listens to you?” Hmmmm…….

X-Man removed his diaper and peed all over the bed. However, it was his bed so I’m taking that as a win as well. Over all it’s been a good day. 

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