Monday, November 30, 2015

Mac had a birthday today. Cinco did not handle it well.

We have a newish neighbor who replaced our dear Ms.Gail.  The new lady seems friendly enough. I don’t know her past friendly greetings and mutual yard compliments. I figure Christmas cookies will be appreciated. I might even ask her “what the heck lady?” As our very polite neighbor has a large doll collection. And by large I mean both extensive and tall. They are positioned such that a large assortment of them stares through her living room window and into ours. It’s disconcerting.

We are Pixar fans. And so the kids all saw the newest feature “Inside Out.” It made an impression on Cinco. She enjoys reenacting scenes from the movie and insists her siblings partake. It starts with her declaring Baba to be “Joy.” X-Man she decrees to be “Anger.” This results in X-Man bellowing “I’m not Anger! I’m Gigust!” His Disgust needs a bit more work, although he has perfected his scoff recently. Cinco continues divining up the rolls ending with her own character “I’m Sadness” complete with a face plant on the floor.

It’s not that Cinco is sad, well other than the fact we wouldn’t let her blow out Mac’s birthday candles. It’s just that Joy spent a large part of the movie dragging Sadness around by the leg. This is fine by Cinco. If one is slow on the uptake she’ll move closer with her face plant and even wave her leg about to get attention.

In the end, it tends to be X-Man dragging her around the house, with a disgusted look on his face. So I suppose she’s on to something.

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